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Azumi Habib is both Belgian and Ghanaian. She graduated at the University of
Antwerp where she obtained a Master of Laws degree. After graduating, curiosity
and identity led her back to Ghana. Whilst completing internships in the legal field,
she got to know the creative industry in Accra. Although already passionate about
capturing moments on camera, she deepened her interest and started exploring
photography in Ghana. Surrounded by many talented creatives in the field, she
learned a lot from them and their journeys. During that time she also had the
opportunity to explore places and discover the country by travelling to different
regions. What she experienced when travelling to parts of North and West Africa
earlier in life and during her time in Ghana, was quite different from what had been
portrayed so far as “ the African image” by mainstream western media.

Further educating herself on visual arts, she put the knowledge into practice. As she
realised the power of visual storytelling she began documenting daily life. By sharing
her view through photographs she hopes to give people a different perspective,
showing another “reality” : the beauty of Ghana as an African country, its people and
their various lifestyles.

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