What We Do

The Future is Female and African

AYA Editions is a global platform, based in Accra, Ghana to showcase the work of contemporary female artists from West Africa and the diaspora. AYA Editions believes in making art accessible, affordable and obtainable. We want to give the world’s best emerging talent an opportunity to reach new audiences and work with a broad range of artists.

Why only African women artists?

Because quite frankly there are extraordinarily talented women artists in West Africa that we feel are not getting the visibility that they so rightly deserve. West African art is at present dominated by (incredibly talented) men. We want to see more women thrive and that includes having more art by women in our homes and yours, all around the world. The way for us to do that is to provide limited edition affordable prints that introduce you to artists and enable you to start to build or expand your art collection.

Limited Edition Prints

At Aya Editions we sell limited edition prints on behalf of West African and the diaspora women artists. Our platform launches a limited number of prints per month to allow our artists maximum exposure, before dropping the next series the following month. Each artists print edition will only run for one series and we have exclusivity for these prints. Once they are gone, they are gone.

All our prints come signed by the artist, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and printed to the highest of quality by one of our global partner printers.

Prints are not inclusive of framing, every home is different and we think it's important that you find whatever fun frame fits the work and your environment.