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Aya Academy X No Filter Africa

Awo Tsegah

Awo Tsegah's work is shown as part of Aya Editions public exhibition titled 'Facing Forward', funded by Africa No Filter. The installation highlights the importance of diverse storytelling in West African societies and celebrating the continued work of West African women artists as we ‘Face Forward’ to a brighter more inclusive and representative future.

Creative Industries are key to creating jobs on the continent and allow young West Africans to rewrite their nations' myths and investigate daily realities. However, women are mostly missing.

Women's cultural heritage development and preservation are frequently disregarded. According to studies, women face institutional, intuitive, and societal barriers to creative involvement.

The Creative Industries in Accra over the last five years have proven the necessity for intentional efforts to boost women's involvement and visibility. Our objective at Aya is to assist women to achieve economic independence via the creative industries, enabling them to influence and rewrite the narrative of what it means to be African through their work.

Awo's work embodies the ethos and spirit of Aya Editions.

Ghanaian visual artist Sedinam Awo Tsegah (born May 1992 in Accra) studied Communication Design at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi and worked as a Teaching Assistant for a year. After working in advertising, Awo became aware of how images can affect behavior and mindsets. She began using digital art and photography to examine societal issues, politics, and self-reflection.

Awo continues to pave the way for Ghanaian visual artists.