Our Artists

We handpick phenomenal West African Women Artists for our editions. We are honoured to have them here and we look forward to you showcasing them in your homes

Elisabeth Efua Sutherland

Elisabeth Efua G. Sutherland comes from a  background in theatre and contemporary performance, with a career that also encapsulates movement  practice, cultural production, new media, film and storytelling. Her personal and artistic practice is broad in scope and depth - covering genres from sculpture, drawing, dance, sound, film, design, construction, to education and technology.  Her collaborations and collaborators continue to evolve, as do the subjects of her inquiry.

View her work here

Yasmine Iddriss

Yasmine Iddriss is a woman designer and photographer based in Accra, Ghana. The passage is her bio, in her own words.

"A minimalist at heart. I live and breathe design. It’s a core element in my being.

As a visual artist, everything I’m exposed to fuels my creativity.

I am inspired by human behaviour, architecture, nature, cultures, spaces and
sustainable design.

Driven by the goal of trying to make an ugly world beautiful in whatever way I can."

View her work here