Our Artists

We handpick phenomenal West African Women Artists for our editions. We are honoured to have them here and we look forward to you showcasing them in your homes

Clarissa Rotzel

Clarissa Rötzel is a multidisciplinary artist from Ghana and Germany with a degree in Politics, History and Visual/Digital Media. 

Clarissa continuously strives to use her experience and creativity to foster interesting ways of presenting ideas and startling perspectives to enlighten and enhance how we see and participate in our world.

She believes in people and the power of stories to raise awareness, inspire and create content that provides social value.

Currently residing in Accra - Ghana, Clarissa's work has been featured on book covers, TED and the United Nations Development Programme

View her work here

Awo Tsegah

Sedinam Awo Tsegah (born May 1992) is a Ghanaian visual artist based in Accra, Ghana.

She had her basic education at Christ The King School in Accra and after her B.E.C.E exam, studied Visual Art at Wesley Girls’ High School in Cape Coast, Ghana. She went on to pursue a BA in Communication Design at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, where she later on became a Teaching Assistant for a year.

After school, she gained employment with Doyle Dane Bernbach Ghana (DDB), where she spent three years in the advertising industry. On being exposed to the industry, she came to appreciate more how visuals were able to affect behavioral patterns and mindsets and so began expressing herself through Digital art and
Photography using tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to rebuild
images that focus on social themes, politics and self reflection.

2016: Spirirt Robot - ChaleWote Festival, Accra Ghana
2018: Kuenyehia Trust, Accra Ghana
2018: L’Atelier, Johannesburg, South Africa
2020: Accra Art Fair, Untamed Empire Accra Ghana
2021: Stations of Protest, Nubuke Foundation, East Legon Accra Ghana

View her work here

Elisabeth Efua Sutherland

Elisabeth Efua G. Sutherland comes from a  background in theatre and contemporary performance, with a career that also encapsulates movement  practice, cultural production, new media, film and storytelling. Her personal and artistic practice is broad in scope and depth - covering genres from sculpture, drawing, dance, sound, film, design, construction, to education and technology.  Her collaborations and collaborators continue to evolve, as do the subjects of her inquiry.

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Yasmine Iddriss

Yasmine Iddriss is a woman designer and photographer based in Accra, Ghana. The passage is her bio, in her own words.

"A minimalist at heart. I live and breathe design. It’s a core element in my being.

As a visual artist, everything I’m exposed to fuels my creativity.

I am inspired by human behaviour, architecture, nature, cultures, spaces and
sustainable design.

Driven by the goal of trying to make an ugly world beautiful in whatever way I can."

View her work here